Semester Paper

( Cultura Digital 2016-17 slides pack )

Semester Research Paper Guidelines / Paper Semestral

Form / Formato
Choose a subject to be framed with one of the topics referred below, and articulated with the ideas about digital culture discussed in class, to write a research paper between 1200/1500 words length (including references (min 6) and notes).

Topics / Tópicos
— Digital Culture as a social, technological and political phenomenon.
— Participatory Image and Participatory Culture: cultural production in the context of new social media and its relation to issues of copyright and the public domain.
— The post-war Avant-garde – Digital Avant-Garde: Art and Cybernetics, John Cage — Interactivity and Multimedia, Performance and Multimedia.
— Technology and the Avant-garde: McLuhan and the power of media, electronic and digital media, and the emergence of Digital Arts.

Delivery date / Entrega do trabalho
16 de Janeiro, 2017. Entrega de cópia em papel na aula, e uma versão em .pdf por email para jjcruz (AT) fba (DOT) up (DOT) pt

January the 16 2017. Hardcopy to be delivered in class and send a .pdf version by email to jjcruz (AT) fba (DOT) up (DOT) pt

Very important links / Links muito importantes
Writing at Master’s level – John Atherton
Writing at Master’s level – Ursula Wingate
How to Structure your Writing – LearnHigher
How to Structure a Paragraph – LearnHigher
Referencing – LearnHigher

Useful links / Links úteis

Important / Importante
Please go through the links on plagiarism. Papers found to be plagiarized in full or in part or containing plagiarism will be marked with a zero and reported to the Master’s board.ágio

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