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No Maps For These Territories / Transcriptions

Section 1.2 :: Post-human THE VOICE: Bill? Are you there? WILLIAM GIBSON: (a disembodied voice, image not visible) Hello… TV: How might humans become post-human? WG: Technology based in its assumed…to be the result of the advent of “functional nanotechnology,” or of some sort of a synergism in…in these various emerging…all these different emerging technologies. … Continue reading

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Film Ist. a girl & a gun

Gustav Deutsch interview and a film concert during the 25 FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival 2009. Guitar and electronic impromptu by Austrian virtuosos serves as backdrop for a screening of original film archive materials. Laptops, computers and films from the beginning of the century. Video made by Daria Blazevic, Igor Lusic, Mario Kozina … Continue reading

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Film Ist. 7-12

Film ist. 7-12 7 comic 8 magic 9 conquest 10 writing and language 11 emotions and passions 12 remembering and document While the first six sections of my tableau film, FILM IST, are primarily concerned with the scientific laboratory as the birth place of the medium, the six subsequent sections are dedicated to the variety … Continue reading