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No Maps For These Territories / Transcriptions

Section 1.2 :: Post-human THE VOICE: Bill? Are you there? WILLIAM GIBSON: (a disembodied voice, image not visible) Hello… TV: How might humans become post-human? WG: Technology based in its assumed…to be the result of the advent of “functional nanotechnology,” or of some sort of a synergism in…in these various emerging…all these different emerging technologies. … Continue reading

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Clay Shirky: Como os “social media” podem fazer história

Enquanto que notícias do Irão correm mundo, Clay Shirky mostra como o Facebook, Twitter e TXTs ajudam cidadãos de regimes opressivos a relatarem notícias reais, passando pela censura (ainda que brevemente). O fim do controlo “de cima para baixo” está a mudar a natureza da política. Source: Continue reading


FIlippo Minelli Contradictions Series

In an increasingly digital world where people are constantly moving their activities into the virtual domain, it’s easy to forget the places digital culture hasn’t touched. Italian artist Filippo Minelli presents an interesting visual discussion about the uneven distribution of digital content and culture in his Contradictions series. Source: The Digital Culture Snub The aim … Continue reading